What is Abbotsford, the Hub of the Fraser Valley, Known For?

Aside from being the Raspberry capital of Canada, what is the largest municipality (by land area) of British Columbia known for?

Abbotsford, BC is a booming ‘city in the country’, whose bursting economy is fuelled by the surrounding agricultural land, manufacturing, aerospace and the film sectors. The City has a dynamic and vibrant community that continues to draw more interest from the metro regions. Most significantly though, Abbotsford is a cultivated city known for the authentic living and it’s wholesome community spirit. Here’s what we mean by that…

An inspired life in Abby

You’re feeling inspired by the curated collection of local items that come with a maker-story, the eclectic vintage finds and quality goods at Spruce Collective.

Thinking, as you stroll along the Historic Downtown that’s dappled with public art and visuals of rich heritage, maybe today you’ll hop over to PollyFox Bakery, pick up some of their amazing Cowboy Cookies and then to Habit Projectfor freshly pressed juice before making your way over to the Jam in Jubilee festival in the picturesque Jubilee Park, only to be serenaded by some of the best artists in all of Canada.

You’ve been craving a wood-fired pizza and some good beer, so after the festival, for dinner you’re heading over to Field House Brewing. Taking in the serene valley views of Mt. Baker and breathing in the crisp mountain air, you’re already planning out tomorrow’s bike ride with the kids along Mill Lake Park’s lush walking trail, just a 10-minute bike ride away from home. 

YOU are a part of a community with fresh perceptions that together are working at creating a neighbourhood enriched with diverse experiences, shopping, dining, and outdoor spaces. Abbotsford’s historic downtown, known for its rich history and quaint buildings, offers over 300 options for dining, shopping, services and entertainment.

Hub of the Fraser Valley

A multicultural city and clean environment that provides a quality of life that draws skilled creative people from around the world. A spectacular physical setting: located in a fertile valley surrounded by mountains. Rich in parkland, trails and sports fields. The population of Abbotsford is 147,700, the fifth largest city in BC. With a dominant age groups of 20 to 29 and 40 to 49 years. You are amongst a diverse community made up of many different ethnic and cultural groups. (Demographic details here)

A community where about 84% of residents live within 500 metres of a park. About 62% of us live and work within the city itself, with an average commute under 10 minutes.

Your community is on the brink of experiencing even more vitality as the shift of authentic and wholesome living is driven into the Fraser Valley. It’s even highly sought after by film producers and marked by media to be the next Fort Langley. Afterall, Abbotsford is the third largest film hub in North America (see list of films shot in ‘Abbywood’). Not to mention, the most productive agricultural community in Canada (we’ve got the earning the highest income per acre of any place in Canada). Along the back-country roads, Abbotsford is home to some of the Lower Mainland’s newest and finest wine regions. From classic grape varietals to berry wine and honey mead to award winning locally grown hops, your palate is covered!

Abbotsford is one of Top 7 Intelligent Communities across the globe 

In 2019, this designation was awarded by the Intelligent Communities Forum, a non-profit policy research organization headquartered in New York City, focusing on job creation and economic development in the broadband economy.

Sooo…. what does that mean exactly…? 

“Smart” is about applying technology to make cities work better, faster and cheaper. “Intelligent” means something more.  It means engaging local universities and technical schools, entrepreneurs and established businesses as partners in planning and carrying out this innovation project.

Abbotsford is a city of infinite possibilities 

Abbotsford offers a Balanced Lifestyle

With over 2,500 acres of green space with 157 parks for the whole family to choose from, you have countless opportunities to get your steps in. Whether it’s rugged biking trails along Sumas Mountain to hiking the Abby Grind to leisure strolls along Mill Lake Park or Bird Watching along the Fraser River – Life in Abbotsford is rich in nature.

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